my mum calls me this morning and says: “I almost had a heart attack last night.” i instantly think “WHAT?!” but remain calm and ask what happened. She continues her story. Last night her and my dad where running errands around town when a dude in a Mercedes obviously didn’t think my dad granted him the right of way at some point on the road (we all know if you’re a prick that drives a Mercedes or BMW then you OBVIOUSLY OWN THE ROAD)

My dad had avoided an accident this guy almost caused due to guy’s recklessness and speed. But guy wasn’t having it because again, HE OWNS THE ROAD, so guy lays the horn down and starts yelling at my dad through his open window. My dad being a sailormouth filled badass starts cussing and yelling back because, HELLO BITCH, YOU ALMOST KILLED US REMEMBER!? My dad pulls over and waves this jagoff to keep going on his way, but instead this guy also pulls over, gets out of his car and goes up to my dad’s open window and starts throwing punches. Now, my dad is a 6’2 husky motherfucker and has been in some solid fucking rumbles in his time so he’s blocking the the blows with his forearms, my mom is screaming for this to stop, passerby-ers are honking.

Then my mom mentions to me that this guy was a younger guy, probably around twenty-five. TWENTY FUCKING FIVE throwing punches at a sixty-one year old. Good for you asshole, your parents must be very proud, actually wait, your parents are probably pieces of shit that never taught you any better so fuck them too. So my dad is telling this kid to just let him get out of the SUV so he can handle this situation but my mum is restraining him because she knows that my dad will destroy him. 

The kid finally stops and goes back to his Mercedes but then decides he wants to continue punching my dad so he walks back over (thankfully without a gun) but my dad was ready this time with a knuckle sandwich and coldcocks him straight and the face, all the whilst still sitting in his SUV. The kid is knocked back, he quickly gathers his cookies then RUNS AWAY like a bitch to his car and drives off.

This story filled me with more rage then i’ve felt in the past three months. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Why are there so many people out there that feel like they’re more entitled to everything and anything, the road being a prime example of this. I can not stand people like this. I have to say that even with my recent PMA attitude, i still fucking HATE PEOPLE. but you know what, it’s totally okay, because what goes around comes aroundbro.

and the moral is that you just don’t fuck with a Toledo.