here’s a very short but fucking awesome clip of No Doubt’s first show at Fender’s on March 14, 1987 capturing how radical John Spence was on stage…doing his infamous backflip which was cartooned into one of their shirt logos:


which then turned to Gwen cartoonized when she took over as lead singer.


If it weren’t for John and Eric Stefani…there would not be No Doubt.

thank you, John….wish you would have stuck around. Keep Resting In Peace, RudeBoy.

and because it’s still Gwensday:

Gwen & John


Original No Doubt

imagethx to long time No Doubt buddy, Eric Keyes for the video.

Today’s Gwensday is brought to you by Gwen circa 1997…

…the OG No Doubt logo, the bindi, the green faux fur collar jacket, the dickie pants with chain, the initial army belt buckle, and my favorite…her infamous Black & Red Two-Toned Doc Martens

the 90’s y’all!

a little late night Gwensday and a pretty rad and rare gem at that!

No Doubt playing Snakes live in 1993. 20 years ago on this exact date, at Cal Poly Pomona. 

in other news, i need to make me those bloomers! 

today’s Gwensday is brought to you by the world’s best shit kickers….Doc Martens…the color black.….and No Doubt.

Happy Hunting. :)

today’s Gwensday is presented by their latest music video for “Looking Hot” that was only on the tubes for three seconds until No Doubt yanked it after some Native American groups got their teepee’s caught in a smoke signal cloud…PSHHHHHH.

i know some of you will say this song is more offensive than the video. nyuk nyuk….whatareyagondo? can’t please everyone. but this is actually one of my top song from the new album. although that fucking red dress scares me…don’t ever wear that shit again, Gwen.

just smoke some damn peyote and enjoy the video, that’s what No Doubt did…..shiiiiieeeeet.

go ahead and stare at my raggamuffin.

(Source: cinemakills)

today’s the day, it took eleven years but the new No Doubt album is finally here! 26 years together and still rockin’. Mad respect for No Doubt.

and if you’re interested in seeing rad old ND footage or if you don’t know the bands history, then here it is in seven parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Happy No Doubt Day!

NxD love RIP John Spence


No Doubt | Undone

tis Gweeeeensday! 

here’s No Doubt’s second single Push and Shove from Push and Shove.

and if you hate it then here’s Gwen in “CHANCLA-VISION!” (third edition) 

hey, hey it’s Gwensday!

Gwen mean muggin. My new favorite “don’t fuck with me” stare next to Bobby D, Linda Evangelista and my own, of course. ;)

Gwensday comes early this week! After almost 11 years since their last album the new single/video is out! LOVE!

No Doubt-Settle Down



In My Head  

Rock Steady Tour 2002

i don’t have a favorite tour i’ve gone to, or a favorite album (i love all of them), but i definitely started getting spoiled during the Rock Steady Tour. And since then, it’s been pit or bust. Can’t wait for new ND! (insert Howard Dean’s “yaaaarhh” here)

and here’s a photo i took, of a photo i took with a disposable camera at one of the rock steady shows. Adrian is laughing at a sign my friend Eric and I were holding. “Jesus Weeps when you don’t play Squeal” It’s TRUE! we’re still waiting.


it’s Gwensday!

i’ve always loved the No Doubt lettering, but never liked the flame logo. hey, Gwen contributed to something i never liked!


The “Pitcairn Motel ” in Anaheim 2011.08.06

It was twenty years ago today…

I used a Motel in Anaheim to get the right lettering for my bands logo. It’s got two themes of letter to give a cartoon flavor. Gwen the singer of the band want the logo set in flames. I thought it made it more Heavy Metal but I tried to make the flames “flat” and “stylize” to work with the logo from the album.

I was very disappointed that after spending so much time on it to find out after handing the artwork over to the person in charge of the art that they carelessly retraced my artwork in the computer. It came out wobbly and was not accurate to my hand inked artwork.

It still makes me sad that this was the best they could come up with.

This logo I created for the band was made in 199o for the album released on March 17, 1992.

(via Eric Stefani)