only 3 more, Cartoonsday’s left.

Merrie Melodies-Coo Coo Nut Grove 1936


0:53-Ben Bernie 1:11-Walter Winchell 1:29-Hugh Herbert 1:34-WC Fields & Katharine Hepburn 1:45-Ned Sparks 1:50-Johnny Weissmuller & Lupe Velez 2:04-John Barrymore 2:18-Harpo Marx 2:50-George Arliss & Mae West 3:10-Laurel & Hardy3:22-Edna Mae Oliver 3:33-Clark Gable 3:41-Gary Cooper 4:01-The Dionne Quintuplets 4:51-Groucho Marx 5:00-Helen Morgan 5:21-Wallace Beery 5:59-Edward G. Robinson & George Raft

see also; Merrie Melodies Hollywood Steps Out 1941

it’s a Cartoonsday!

Naughty But Mice 1939

if you’ve ever heard me sing “How Dry I Am” and had no clue as to what i was referring to, then watch this here cartoon, churrins’.

i’m sure i’ll be singing this at the top of my lungs tomorrow on the drunk stumble walk home, while i point and wink at people driving by. (i’m kidding, i hate people, i’ll be winking at the poles, walls & benches that are going to keep me from falling over).



Feed the Kitty 1952